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The term mental health refers to how you process information. Those in good mental health are able to process information and engage their emotional selves in a well integrated way that encourages feeling, processing, and regulating. Everyone has the ability to experience good mental health.

Mental health can also change with circumstances. Some experience declines or changes in their mental health because of external factors like finances, death, or relationships. Still some, were never given good healthy self integrated understanding of how to manage mild stressors or more severe stressors. Many are also affected by trauma, which can essentially damage the processing system. While this is true, we understand that most people, if not all, have the capacity to earn a secure attachment and good mental health. 

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Human Trafficking

Trafficking in persons, also known as modern slavery or human trafficking, includes both forced labor and sex trafficking. By some estimates, as many as 24.9 million people — adults and children — are trapped in a form of human trafficking around the world, including in the United States. During the COVID-19 pandemic, traffickers are continuing to harm people, finding ways to innovate and even capitalize on the chaos.

Night Angels

Domestic violence and Sexual violence

Turning Point Macomb 

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